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Nightwing overcomes the most advanced technical challenges to deliver capabilities for our customers through an elite team of mission-focused industry experts. Whether working with commercial or government customers, we share a singular commitment: to tap the brightest minds and bring forward the most innovative thinking to deliver operationally-viable solutions for the hardest of problems.

Solving problems that weren't meant to be solved.

Cyber Offense and Defense Experts (CODEX) uniquely delivers computer network operations and exploitation results through decades of mature, refined processes supplemented with cutting edge technology. Whether it’s our robust research that’s led to the discovery of more than 1,000 new vulnerabilities, or the more than 40 development efforts we’re advancing, our customers count on us to break new barriers daily. Whatever the challenge, we meet it with a depth of partnership, innovative tools, and unparalleled expertise – all backed by years of proven experience.

Our solutions provide organizations leading-edge capabilities and subject matter expertise with unwavering mission focus. Customers seek us out for the challenges that others won’t – or can’t – solve. When your requirements demand the utmost in security research, operational mission support, cyber resiliency solutions or software engineering, CODEX delivers.

Services available include:

  • Reverse engineering
  • System emulation and debugging
  • Vulnerability research (VR)
  • Mature static- and dynamic-analysis tools
  • Large-scale testing
  • Development and maintenance of CNO tools
  • Cyber resiliency

CODEX Services

Our unique offensive cyber focus to inform defensive solutions ensures we bring world-class solutions to all that we do.

Reverse Engineering

Our proven expertise helps us to explore and understand platforms of interest for customers.

System emulation and debugging

Our ability to emulate platforms enables a low-risk, high-return set of mechanisms to facilitate analysis and testing that would otherwise prove impossible.

Vulnerability research

Our subject matter experts explore systems for vulnerabilities and understand related effects.

Mature static- and dynamic-analysis tools

Tailored to fit your mission, our proven analysis tools provide the utmost efficiency.

Large scale testing

We’ve pioneered novel large-scale testing and results management techniques, enabling millions of tests per hour.

Tool Management

With more than 150 uniquely developed tools, we excel at developing and maintaining tools to meet tomorrow’s challenges.