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High Consequence Missions (HCM)

Nightwing delivers mission-essential services and solutions that enable and enhance operational success in the most challenging environments. Our decades-long reputation for innovation and the ability to deliver solutions ahead of the threat is why we continue to be our customers’ partner of choice.

Discovering and delivering innovations that reshape your operations.

HCM provides digital communications technology, logistics and facilities support; creates advanced engineering solutions; enables global operations; delivers innovative data management and applications development for our customers.

Our deep mission understanding allows the customers we partner with to do one common thing – stay ahead.

Services available include:

  • Application development
  • Network sensing
  • Technology integration
  • Facility management
  • Field support

HCM Services

We provide our customers a full suite of capabilities tailored to their cybersecurity and intelligence needs.

Field Support

Our team provides direct technical and nontechnical support to facilitate global operations.

Software Lifecycle Management

From concept to deployment, we ensure reliability, security, and efficiency of our software applications throughout their existence, readily implementing tech advancements.

Warehouse and Facility Management

We maintain optimal inventories, inspect products, and provide secure storage – all while constantly looking for opportunities to integrate new technologies for greater efficiency.